Uomo Donna


  • What: Uomo Donna - 4/3 co-ed frisbee tournament
  • Where: Golf Links Park, Tucson, AZ
  • When: April 19th and 20th, 2014

What to do to get your bid

  1. Email us (manager@tucsonultimate.com) a team name, team captain or contact person (with contact info), and any team info relevant for seeding purposes. Please place Uomo Donna in the subject line.
  2. Pay your bid fee* of $225 (if sent prior to April 12th) or $275 (if sent after April 12th). Bids are complete only once payment is received.

      Pay for Uomo Donna
      Comments (including team name)
    • or... e-mail us to find out the snail mail address to which to send a check, made out to Tucson Ultimate:

      *The bid fee includes water, fruit, bagels, a pretty great party, and probably some ultimate. Checks (or checkout) either need to be in Tucson Ultimate's possession or have been sent with a postmark date prior to April 12th to get the $50 early bid discount.

  3. Check your email for confirmation of received bid. Bids will not be considered complete until a check (or Google checkout payment) has been received.