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Indoor League

Tucson Ultimate hosts a coed indoor ultimate league which happens, seasonally, on Saturdays (usually). It is a fast-action, continuous play, 5 vs 5 game.

Indoor league complements Tucson Ultimate's outdoor leagues by offering a different format. We play in short cycles where new sign ups happen every few weeks. Make sure to check out the rules and FAQs for indoor below the instructions for signing up. Efforts have been made to avoid scheduling conflicts with other ultimate events.

Quick Info

Cost $5/day of the cycle
When 11 am - 12 pm on Saturdays (with some exceptions; see calendar below).
Where Maracana Indoor Sports Arena, centrally located just north of Santa Rita park at 18th and Jacobus Streets. Visit the Maracana website!
Baggage We do not offer baggage for indoor league. Every player signs up individually.
Indoor Pickup November 4, 12 to 1 pm this day only (come try it out; only $5)
Winter Cycle 1November 9th (8:15-9:15 pm), November 16th (8:15-9:15 pm), December 8th (10-11 am), December 15th (10-11 am)
Indoor PickupJanuary 12 at noon
Winter Cycle 2February 2, February 16, February 23, March 2
Winter Cycle 3March 9, March 16, March 23, March 30
Women's Indoor League
Indoor Pickup March 23, 10 am (coed)
Summer CyclesNone planned. Indoor facility unavailable.

Status UpdatesBy e-mail and via Twitter: @Tucson_Ultimate
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How to Sign Up for a League

  1. Log in (register first) on the right side menu
  2. Click 'Sign Up for a League'
  3. Select the season you want, enter pertinent info
  4. Click "Sign Up"!
  5. Pay by cash, check, or Google Checkout
  6. NOTE: Signing-up for league and paying for league are two separate actions. Make sure you sign-up regardless of your payment method.

Pay for Indoor with Google Checkout

$20.00 - Full Cycle Dues
$15.00 - 3 Days of Cycle
$10.00 - 2 Days of Cycle
$5.00 - Single Day of Cycle

Indoor Rules

Standard ultimate rules apply with the following exceptions:
  • 5 people per team on the field at a time. 4-1 or 3-2 male-female ratio will be determined by the number of sign ups for each gender.
  • No pull between points. The losing team picks up the disc at the front of the just-scored-in end zone and goes for the opposite end zone (as in basketball).
  • On-the-fly substitutions. You must run to the side boxes to tag your teammate in.
  • Stall count is 7.
  • Walls, side nets, and the space inside of the soccer goals are all out-of-bounds, as is a player touching the wall on a catch. However, you can play the disc off of the over-head net.
  • Indoor league does not operate on "ultimate time": Play begins exactly on the hour. A disc in the air when the buzzer goes off is playable; otherwise, the game is over. If the game is tied at the end of time, one more point is played.
  • One 45 second time out per team per game/period.


  • How are teams chosen?
    Teams are randomly chosen, hat-style, with sorting by skill level.
  • Can I be a pick-up player?
    Yes, please contact us (manager@tucsonultimate.com) to ask about a spot. If you show up unannounced, we cannot guarantee you a spot. We usually announce the number of available spots via the mailing list the day before indoor league.
  • How many games will I play per week?
    Each team plays at least two 19 minute games each week. Don't worry, 38 minutes of continuous ultimate will go a long way towards wearing you out.
  • How big is the field? How big are the end zones?
    The field is about 60 yards long and about 25 yards wide. End zones are 5 to 7 yards deep. (Maracana field layout)
  • What is the surface of the field like? Can I layout on this field?
    The field is made of recycled rubber tire. Yes, you can lay out on the field; it's usually no worse than laying out on dry grass and far better than a gym floor.
  • What shoes should I wear to play?
    Running shoes or turf cleats with small (less than 3/8") cleat nubs. Regular cleats are not allowed in this facility.
  • Where should I warm up?
    There is space inside the facility and off of the indoor field in which to warm up your body and your throws. We do not frequently have early access to the field itself.
  • Can I have food and water at indoor league?
    You can only have water in the boxes adjoining the field, but you may have both food and water outside the field area.
  • When does cycle registration end?
    Registration ends at noon of the Thursday preceding the beginning of each cycle. Teams will be announced by Friday morning.
  • Is there a late penalty?
    Yes. You must pay in full before games in week two of the cycle; otherwise you will not play in the second week's games. Further, there is a $5 late fee if you pay after the second week. If you are a sub/pick up player, you will not play unless you pay first.
  • Will there be an indoor tournament?
    Not at this time. We have been unable to secure a reservation for an indoor tournament in late 2012 or early 2013.
  • Who is organizing the indoor league? Can I help you organize indoor league?
    Pascal Mickelson is running indoor league. Pascal is indeed looking for help with indoor league; e-mail manager@tucsonultimate.com if you would be willing to volunteer a small amount of your time.